Debate swirls as Santee Cooper bumps up rent along Lake Moultrie

Image by Flickr user jalexartis

Some 350 families along the edge of Lake Moultrie became very nervous when Santee Cooper started looking to up the lease rate on the land.

The problem for these homeowners is you can't buy the land on which their homes set, but must rent it for Santee Cooper, and 40-year lease agreements are starting to expire. When the utility talked of moving the lease rate from an effective rate of some 0.1% percent per year of the appraised value to 3.5%, folks became concerned on the multl-thousand dollar annual rate hike.

With homeowner outcry (and a showing of local legislators) they were able to get it pushed down lower though. Check out the story at The Post and Courier.

An interesting insight to the way of life along the lakes.

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