45-41: New poll shows a closing gap between Haley, Sheheen

Image by Flickr user ex.libris

A new poll by South Carolina pollster Crantford & Associates seems to indicate the gap between Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen and Republican Nikki Haley is closing.

The poll of 634 registered voters pegged Haley at 45% and Sheheen at 41%, with 13% undecided. -- It's quite a move from last week's polling of 50% to 33%.

Speculation is that it could be a move connected to an accumulation of Republican defections due to controversies unaddressed by Haley.

A hat tip to The Indigo Journal for spotting this, they also have a copy of the full poll results.

I know, apparently it's politics Saturday around here, but that's just way the news wants to be.

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