7th Congressional District candidates release finance reports

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Ready for my extreme financial close up Mr. Demille...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012was the deadline for 2011 year-end financial statements to be sent to the Federal Elections Commission and not all candidates filed. 

Of the 14 candidates who have said they are running for the 7th District seat only six have finance reports. Some candidates weren't required to do so just yet due to when they declared their candidacy and some candidates like Renee’ Culler, Chad Prosser and Mande Wilkes haven’t formally filed their paperwork as candidates with the FEC.

The big winner in total campaign funds is former Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer. Bauer, however, hasn't officially announced his candidacy and is set to do so at the end of the month. But The Sun News is quick to point out that Horry County Council Chairman Tom Rice is the one with the most actual campaign contributions. 

We suggest you head on over to The Sun News for their in-depth write-up.

To see where money is going and to whom for both state and National elections, checkout FEC.gov. You might be surprised to see that Obama has raised more money than the top two Republican earners (Romney and Perry) in South Carolina and almost as much as the top three Republican earners. 


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