By all appearances, S.C. education superintendent Jim Rex is about to run for governor

Image by Jim RexImage by 20090904-rex2.jpg The man's a rock star: He can pose with four little girls and seem not creepy. Laugh, but it's something a lot of politicians can't pull off.

Announcing that he won't run for a re-election as state superintendent of education, Jim Rex stated "It is clear from my time in this office that there is a limit to what I can accomplish to move South Carolina’s schools and our state forward so long as we do not have someone in the governor’s office who is making education, jobs and economic development the top priorities of this state."

The State has a write-up about this issue.

Seems pretty clear that unless something unforeseen happens, he's going to run. And if he does win, let's just hope he really can make a difference on education, as this state really needs it.

Oh, and on a total side note: A Google search for "Jim Rex" prominently shows this interesting image of Rex

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