Facebookers rally for early voting in S.C.

A new group on Facebook is promoting early voting. They say:
We are a group of South Carolinians who believe that, for our democracy to stay strong, we must encourage high voter turnout. Our government can only be truly representative if its electorate encompasses all its citizens. In the 2008 election, we saw record numbers of voters voting early. Early voting increases turnout, makes voting easier for all citizens and reduces the stress on the system on Election Day. 32 states now allow no-excuse-required, in-person early voting. Many of them saw their turnout records smashed in 2008. We thus support no-excuse, early voting in South Carolina.

Currently in South Carolina you can vote absentee, which is the same as early voting only you have to have a reason why you're voting early. *cough* *cough* That means you have to lie and say you'll be out of town to vote early.

Charleston's Senate representative in D.C., Jim Clyburn, has been pushing for early voting. But the idea has faced opposition in the past.

So, if you're a fan of early voting, go join the group to show your support.

Thanks to the Indigo Journal for tipping us off.

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