Feeling neglected, Johns Island residents protest at City of Charleston

Image by City of Charleston The City of Charleston covers a good bit of the northeast tip of Johns Island. Tim Mallard's district 11 is shown in orange, other parts of Charleston are shown in grey.

A group of Johns Island residents recently made the 30-minute drive out to a city council meeting to protest that despite their being part of the City of Charleston they feel neglected by the city's parks and police services.

The Post and Courier's David Slade wrote that the group's feeling is that the city's residents on the rural island getting the short side of the stick in services and attention -- something that the city's elected officials largely denied. Still, they seem to have gotten the attention of their city councilman, Tim Mallard.

Head over here to read Salde's full report.

It's always been my belief that a lot of folks are surprised to hear that the City of Charleston stretches far enough west to reach Johns Island.

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