Following federal cash infusion, S.C. highway agency ensnarled in criticism

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Remember how the S.C. Department of Transportation turned to the federal government for a $52 million cash advance to cover funding shortfalls?

The natural question that comes to mind has to do with why South Carolina was underfunding the agency. But in the twisting road that is South Carolina politics a surprisingly different line has emerged from our state's Legislature: Why is the SCDOT being so 'wasteful.'

It's a curious line.

I've seen little criticism that the SCDOT has approved unduly expensive projects or bids, but there's been much talk about how South Carolina has underfunded the department for decades. And how dollars to the department have plummeted as gas prices have risen (a fixed chunk of the gas tax goes to the department, and less driving means less income for the department.) Despite the fall the state has been unwilling to raise the tax.

Sammy Fretwell of McClatchy Newspapers has a good article on SCDOT's opponents of I73 making it's way into Myrtle Beach as well as the project's funding woes.

The Post and Courier has a good breakout on the latest chapter in the debate (read it here.)

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