Meet the Candidate: Mande Wilkes for the 7th Congressional seat
Um...well...hello there....

Press Release

Television host, book author, and political personality Mande Wilkes announces her bid for the Pee Dee’s emerging 7th Congressional seat.

Asked why she’s running, Wilkes responds: “Well, we’ve all seen those commercials in which a glamorous young woman stops traffic just by walking by. That’s what I’ll do in Washington – I’ll walk in the Capitol with my big provocative ideas about tiny government and I’ll stop D.C. in its tracks. Those boys won’t know what him ‘em.”

“It’ll be like, “look honey, I shrunk the government.” I’ll fight to shrink government so that we can return to the back-to-basics conservative value of self-governance.”

As a future mommy, Wilkes cares about putting parents back in charge of their children’s education. As a small business operator who understands how to honor a budget, Wilkes will match every single tax cut with a corresponding budget cut. As a common sense conservative, Wilkes pledges to term-limit herself to two terms in Congress.

Crashing the Club is the name of the book Wilkes has written about her run-ins with the South Carolina political establishment. Right now she’s ready to write the book – literally and figuratively – on running over the D.C. elite.


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