Meet the Candidate: Mike Chestnut, Myrtle Beach

Mike Chestnut on Twitter

Councilman Mike Chestnut is seeking re-election to Myrtle Beach City Council in November 2011. 

About Mike Chestnut:

Now in my 4th term (11 years) as a member of Myrtle Beach City Council, I continue to work tirelessly to respond to all the needs of the residents and business community. I am proud my tenure successes and enjoy sharing those accomplishments that include: the new 1.2 mile oceanfront boardwalk as a tourist attraction, improving our parks, building more sidewalks, providing superior recreation facilities and after school projects for our youth, and being a deciding vote to give our residents the largest property tax cut in the history of the city. While all of my tenure accomplishments are important, I knew the big picture was to concurrently provide the needed tourism funds to advertise and promote the Myrtle Beach Area. It is a fact, that increasing tourism will create more jobs and foster a stronger economy for Myrtle Beach. track record has proven that I believe in Taking Action and Getting Results.

For more information, connect with Mike Chestnut on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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