Occupy Charleston takes Brittlebank Park, joins up with Columbia (Update: Photos)

Image by Occupy Columbia A committee vote for Occupy Charleston to join Occupy Columbia this Sunday.

Update October 25: Local Ashley Burton snapped a few dozen shots from the Brittlebank Park rally that will give you a feel for the event.

From signs, to discussions, to rather pleasant views of camping in the park, you can check out them all over here.

Update October 24: The State has a brief report on the Charleston group's joining in Columbia and notes the addition was small but also says, "Protesters come and go, so it is hard to get a precise total number of those protesting."

The timing of the second rally certainly couldn't have helped, I saw some chatter that after 99 hours of Charleston protest, devotees weren't keen to miss their day jobs on Monday.

First reporting: Crowds have hovered around 100 people at Brittlebank Park for #OccupyCharleston's 99 hour protest, but the permit expires today at 3 p.m. and organizers are looking to keep the rally going by meeting up with fellow protesters at the Statehouse in Columbia at 6 p.m.

Coverage on the protest has been surprisingly thin, given the coverage on the lead up to the 99-hour rally, but The Post and Courier has a report on Saturday at Brittlebank (read that here) and a post about the planned convergence in Columbia and what's next for Charleston organizers (read that here).

And stay tuned for Occupy Charleston updates on our topic page and the group's Twitter account.

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