Race for first, how to pay, and rising estimates of voters lacking IDs: S.C. primary looking to get messy


Earlier this week word came that an effort to get photo IDs to the 178,000 S.C. voters lacking one to vote under a new law failed with only two-dozen opting for rides to the polls.

And now comes word that things are worse.

The previously estimated number of voters lacking photo IDs turns out to have been far too low with the S.C. Election Commission saying that the number is probably closer to 217,000 and that excludes some 74,000 dropped from the agencies tracking list in recent years.

First off, some slack should be given as an estimate is only an estimate and should be expected to change, but clearly this is poor news for a state that is racing with Florida to maintain its first-in-the-South primary status, must still get approval of its voter ID law, and has counties balking at having to pay for political party primaries.

South Carolina's election scene is going to get messier before it gets simpler. 

For more information on the current status of the law and what you may need to do if it is approved, head to the S.C. Election Commission's webpage.

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