S.C. AG McMaster in hot water for lawyer donations (update: heat's going up)

Update October 2, 2:22 p.m.:The Associated Press has reported that McMaster has said he will return the $32,500 he received in donations. Go take a read.

Given The Wall Street Journal's piece (see below), it's hardly a shocking turn of events. It will be interesting to see if the issue hangs around his neck for a while.

Update October 2:

The Wall Street Journal has written no softball of a story over McMaster's donations.

The opening line:

In case anyone thought pay-to-play legal rackets were solely Democratic scandals, look to South Carolina, where Attorney General Henry McMaster is proving that Republicans can also get cozy with the plaintiffs bar.  

It doesn't get any nicer from there; take a read.

First reporting:

You'd think South Carolina's attorney general, Henry McMaster, would know better than to take donations from lawyers his department hired with no-bid contracts. Still his camp is defending the donations.

Read about it at the Herald Online.

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