S.C. senator says ACC is wrong over Confederate flag

Image by Flickr user Kenneth B. MooreImage by 20090922-flag.jpg The Mississippi flag has been called out before as the next appropriate target of the NAACP efforts.

Charleston rep and Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell has written a piece critical of the ACC after they agreed with the NAACP to move three baseball tournaments out of South Carolina.

The issues was, of course, the Confederate flag on South Carolina's statehouse grounds.

But McConnell was quick to point out that South Carolina is still not alone, writing in part: 

Officials at the ACC must not be aware that North Carolina flies a Confederate flag on its dome to commemorate historically significant dates. Other Southern states do even more to celebrate Southern heritage. Mississippi actually has the Confederate battle flag designed into its State flag. Georgia has the national flag of the Confederacy in its State flag. And Alabama flies Confederate flags (including the battle flag) at its Statehouse alongside a Confederate Memorial that is much larger and more prominent than South Carolina’s display. 

But, yes, "others do it to" is an old line. What I really liked was McConnell's recounting of the saga that led to getting the flag where it is today.

Read the piece on his blog.

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