S.C.'s controversial immigration law heading back to court today (Update: papers please?)

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Update, November 16, 2012: District Judge Richard Gergel ruled that officers will have the ability to check people's immigration status.

However, Gergel did keep the ban on parts of the law.

First Report: Last December in Charleston United States District Judge Richard Gergel blocked most most of the South Carolina immigration law which was modeled after the tough Arizona law. 

Since then, the United States Supreme Court rejected much of the Arizona law. The Sun News reports that the specific portions that were thrown out were, "provisions making it a state crime not to carry immigration papers and for illegal immigrants to transport or house themselves." and that, "South Carolina’s law had similar provisions."

Judge Gergel also blocked the provision in the S.C. law that allowed law enforcement to check the immigration status of those that might be pull over if they suspect they might be in the country illegally.  

Due to the Arizona ruling, Gergel feels his ruling might need to be revised. Get the whole story over at The Sun News, including details on what parts of the law are currently in effect. 


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