Still hampered by affair's aftermath, Sanford prepares for another vacation

Image by Flickr user JoshuaDavisPhotography. COMImage by 20090722-vacation.jpg Planes: There's little better way to get away from it all.

After enduring the aftermath of his adultery scandal, Gov. Mark Sanford made a valiant effort to shift the talk back to real politics on Tuesday.

Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.But many in the media weren't having it and wanted to talk more about his Argentinean Trailgate. 

That's a matter The State has more on.

And so the governor who has said he wants to focus on the real issues affecting the state has decided to set out on another vacation, and this time he appears to be headed to Europe.

FITSNews has more about what may be in store for Sanford's third summer vacation.

Understandably the man needs time to focus on his family and let the scandal die, but with our state at 12% unemployment I hope he's not planning on taking too long.

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