Vague impeachment requirement a key issue in Sanford debate

As expected, the vague impeachment requirement that a governor must have committed "serious crimes or serious misconduct in office" is becoming a key issue in the debate about whether or not Gov. Mark Sanford is impeachable. 

Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.Sanford's lawyer argues in an article in today's Post and Courier that not only has that requirement been met today, but that a past lack of impeachments for similar (and worse) matters in South Carolina means that Sanford does not meet the impeachment requirement.

Personally I'm not convinced that Sanford has met that "serious" standard -- but I also think we shouldn't go looking too hard at what past governors got away with as precedence for appropriate behavior in today's world. 

Why? Well take a look at this prior governor of South Carolina.

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