What the Democratic National Convention means to South Carolina

Image by Flickr user Jeffrey BeallImage by 20080823demconvention.jpg The convention runs Monday through Thursday.

The convention is a national event that has local impact with local players. Get a national perspective at the convention's Web site, CNN, or The New York Times. But we'll connect you with the stories that have a South Carolina focus.

S.C. ETV has offered up some video clips from the convention, and this one features South Carolina's youngest delegates, including Lauren Bilton at only 18 years.

The State and S.C. ETV have paired up to offer stories with a local perspective. Granted, their Web site is a mess and you'll still have to filter through you subpar national-focus stories, but it looks like the best we have.

But, we'll be watching, too, and will update this page to highlight any particularly good content or resources. Here are a few to get started:

S.C. ETV's convention page.
An article from The State about the party's S.C. staff.
A post at The State about how (surprise) S.C. Democrats are embracing Joe Biden as the VP pick.
A post at The State with quotes from fired-up S.C. delegates.
A blog about the convention from a Democratic delegate to the convention.
A list from the Democrats of all the South Carolina delegates.
The State says if the Democrats take the White House, they're hopeful they can take the S.C. Governor's Office in 2010.

U.S. Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is the only South Carolinian expected to speak at the convention. His topic will likely be "making America stronger and safer."

Check back and we'll keep you updated.

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