Will a new S.C. 'coastal district' make Tim Scott's seat vulnerable to Democrats?

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As South Carolina dives into the redistricting battle to decide where to place a 7th congressional district, all eyes are on how the new lines will affect the GOP v Dem powers.

With the new seat likely centering on the Republican stronghold of Myrtle Beach, the question becomes: Where will new GOP Rep. Tim Scott's district shift to pick up the needed population?

Well, the talk is to make a new "coastal district" with the population coming from Beaufort County which, while quite red, isn't nearly as red as Horry County. 

And so the Charleston City Paper's Greg Hambrick has picked up where The (Rock Hill) Herald left off: Things aren't looking too swell for Scott as the sand shifts. Read Hambrick's report here.

And don't forget that Democrat Linda Ketner lost her bid for the seat in 2008 by 4% points.

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