A year ago, 11 critical areas were spotted for S.C. Legislature. Time's up, how'd they do?

Image by Flickr user Kevin Schultz

Over at S.C. Statehouse Report Andy Brack is following up on a list they created of 11 critical areas the S.C. Legislature should make progress. 

You can see the full list of goals over here, it's nothing too political but rather common sense areas like jobs, education, and roads. 

But, yes, so how'd the Legislature do in 2009? I don't think I'm giving away too much by saying they didn't get much done in Columbia. Not only is our Legislature not really known for accomplishing great things, they also had a stimulus debate to distract them.

It's very much worth taking a read of the full article.

The piece is well done, and though our lawmakers my not give a hoot about it, if we all know where the state should be focusing, maybe it will help them get back on track.

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