The Problem With America

Flat tire... awesome
9:16 pm EST 4/8/2014

I'm starting to get a little agitated
9:31 pm EST 4/8/2014

I'm full on ticked
9:41 pm EST 4/8/2014

Headed home!
9:47 pm EST 4/8/2014

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I've been working on changing this tire for the last 15 minutes and the only soul that has even acknowledged my presence is a homeless guy who has nothing else to do but people watch. 

There have been at least 10 gas station patrons that have come in or pumped gas while I'm crawling on the ground, jacking up my SUV. One was even a cop. His occupation didn't matter, no help offered.

I wasn't upset that I got a flat tire, I actually enjoy changing a flat. I was upset because of the lack of help that people offered. I was at a well-lit gas station, right under a lamp post and 10 feet from a parked cop car. I didn't exactly look sketchy.

But nobody stopped to help. Apparently, there are no more good Samaritans left.

It's not that I wanted or even needed help changing the tire. All the tools are one-person tools so having two people doesn't do any good.

And it's not that I was struggling to change the tire. Paw-Paw, my late grandfather, taught me how to change the tires on my truck when I was 16. I know how to do it efficiently and correctly, plus it reminds me of him in so many ways. So as quirky as it sounds, I like changing my tire when I get a flat.

But the fact that nobody offered to help me is a sad testament to how we live our lives. The problem with America is that we rush around focusing on ourselves and getting from A to B as fast as possible. Don't mind people that could be struggling, "That's not my problem" is too often our answer.

Go out today and help someone. Just offer to help, people probably won't take you up on it, but they will appreciate the gesture.

Have a great day!