Affordable Care Act

I respect the positions and appreciate the fears of alternative thinking on the matter, but for the less fortunate Americans who have not had access to their American Dream, to no fault of their own or worse having suffered the indignity of purposeful exclusion, I'm proud of the US Supreme Court and our judicial processes, and applaud their decision to uphold Obama's healthcare initiative.

The free market heath industries have raised their compensation to criminal proportions. Something has to be done or we'll be filling out home equity loans just to see a doctor soon. Now, it looks like, our Nation is on course toward providing access to basic health care to ALL Americans. It's my hope that the Affordable Care Act, at tax penalty gun-point or otherwise, will level the playing field and create a framework in which every American can contribute an equitable share in the cost.

I'm happy for those employers who have wanted to provide health insurance for their employees, and couldn't because of the exorbitant cost. Employers will soon have a more clearly defined and hopefully more cost efficient mechanism with which to improve the lives of their workforce, and thereby raise the standard of living for everyone.


I think Americans will look back on the court's decision, and equate it to such landmark leaps in social wellbeing as the Nineteenth Amendment, the Civil Rights Act, and Roe v Wade. I can't help thinking that America's standing on the world stage, has just been raised, in the eyes of citizens in countries still struggling for even the most basic standards of living.


Nelson Ohl

Folly Beach, SC

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