After 23 years on the job a Michigan man faces unemployment.

John Chevilott was performing his duties by mowing lawns in Detroit for the county, when he came across a gun in the grass.   He alerted his supervisor of the find and was told that police were going to meet him at the job site to recover the weapon.  At the end of the work day, they had not been by the job site.  Mr Chevilott then took the gun to the station to surrender it.  Police were able to verify that the weapon was reported missing from a local subdivision close to the are where Chevilott was working. Upon being alerted of the incident, Wayne County, Mr Chevilott 's employer, advised that he violated policy by having a weapon while at work.  They have relieved Chevilott of his position just 2 years before he is eligible for retirement.  The union that Chevilott is a member of is filing a grievance on his behalf.  Chevilott merely wants his job back.

A Facebook group has been started by a group of Charlestonians in support of Mr Chevilott and him obtaining his job back.  Please give it a like.

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