Artist Wanted for new E-Commerce website!

Local Carolina Art is an E-Commerce website that will be launched in the next 3 weeks and we are looking for local artist/crafters to join us in selling their product online. The website is great because all you have to is create new product, send in your list of product with prices and pictures and Sarah will take care of the rest. The website acts as a shop, with each artist being provided  their own url to send to their customers as well as a logo they can include on any business materials. The website is proffesionally designed  and managed with enhanced SEO so your shop will be on the major search engines, gaining you more visibility. The website is not launched yet as we are still looking for more artist/crafters to jump on board to make the launch a great sucess. A video is currently being made about the website and the 1st few artist to jump on board will be featured as advertising on local news channels.  For more information call Sarah Cornett at 843 673-9000 or check us out on Facebook under Local Carolina Art until we get the website launched.

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