Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad

380 The nearest hospital was over 20 miles from the small town of Aynor. This small community saw the need for faster emergency care. The Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad was chartered in 1979 by a 25-member board and is run by volunteers. This non-profit organization provides services to the small community of Aynor and the millions of tourist that pass through this small town every year.

Formation meetings began in the Aynor Town Hall. They didn’t purchase their first building until 1985. They started out with an Army Surplus 4x4 vehicle, Chevy Blazer 4x4, and a 1979 Ford type II ambulance. They received a new ambulance in 1997 and new equipment in 1998. They moved into a new building in 2006 and received a new ambulance in 2008

The Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squads mission is to continue to provide education to the community, such as CPR training and a concealed weapons permit class, emergency services, and assistance where needed.

The Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad provides emergency service not only to their community but also to the countless visitors that pass through their area. They also stand-by at local events such as The Aynor Harvest Hoedown and their local sporting events. They offer services to the local fire department such as search and rescue, crash victim extrication, emergency power and lighting, and assist with water rescue.

These services are provided through donations, fundraisers, and grants. Without the generous donations this non-profit organization could not provide the services that they do.

The Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad received a new ambulance on August 14, 2008, moved into a new building on November 19, 2006 and four of the original chartered members were honored for their years of service in 1999.

The Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad is still in need of donations to keep their volunteers certified, to purchase new equipment, and to keep them operational. If you would like to make a donation, you can contact them at their email address aynorrescue@yahoo.com or by mail Aynor Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. P.O. Box 297 500 Jamie road Aynor, SC 29511-0297, you can also call them at Business: 843-358-8110


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