Behind the Scenes: Carolina Shore

Red Siren Films and a fun group of Charleston locals have come together to create Carolina Shore, a parody of the beloved MTV series Jersey Shore.  With lots of on-screen fights and off-screen love affairs, this series of short films on youtube is chock full of  the kind of characters you’d find waay south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I just happen to be one of the newest additions to the Carolina Shore House.  Here is some behind the scenes footage I was able to snag between takes of the newest episode (airing early Spring 2011).  Check out last “season”- just south of my video-  for a few laughs and to get caught up on the drama that is Carolina Shore.

inside the Carolina Shore House

Bullfrog: noun– the Southern equivalent of a Jersey “grenade”

Squash: verb– Southern equivalent of a Jersey “smush”

I was talkin’ to these two Bullfrogs one night at the Dollar down Folly Beach when all of a sudden, Big Red  smacked me on my ass n’ said “hey baby, you needa Budweiser?”  And that was that… been squashin’ ever since.  -Liza Jane

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