BMore in Charlotte for the RAVENS Game

The only things I ever miss living in Charleston are friends, family, and RAVENS games.  With Charlotte only 3 hours away, there was no question I was going.  From the moment I arrived in Charlotte, the town was painted purple.  Every tailgate lot and section of the stadium were filled with Ravens fans.  We all screamed the Baltimore “O” during the National Anthem and “Heeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaap” every time Heap made a catch.  ”Ray Rice the ball carrier” was announced play after play, Heap caught a few, Reed gave us 2 pick 6s and even Ray Ray got a touchdown.  It was a great game spent with great friends and TONS of Ravens fans, hon.

BALTIMORE BEATDOWN featured my video/a write up too!!

Check out what the Baltimore Sun had to say about painting Charlotte purple

I really like this guy’s style, he’s hilarious:

Here is a great video of the National Anthem my friend Chet got on his phone:

Just as FYI– this post may be of no interest to you unless you are a Ravens fan/hate the Steelers– I have a feeling we’ll see them in the playoffs.


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