Charleston Style Swap

And so they swapped.
And looked good too.
Last Thursday, Wilmington's fashion darling, Style Girl Jess James, descended upon our fair city for her fourth annual Charleston Style Swap.

While aimed at recessionistas, James' swap was far from frumpy. Held at Seeking Indigo, downtown's sprawling oasis of a holistic living center, the event possessed "a total zen like feel!" quipped Ms. James. If Zen means decidedly posh, then yes, yes we concur.

Local designers and retailers turned out a bevvy of gorgeous frocks and accessories as prizes to be won by some lucky attendees.
Charleston guests also crossed their style t's and dotted their fashion i's. Weaving through a maze of tented ceilings and Buddha covered walls, participants arrived to the Swap Room carrying absolutely yummy pieces to share, (hooray for those generously giving up a vintage designer!) some sporting mind turning apparel.
Cheers to you, Charleston. We indeed did like what you were wearing.

Anyone would have adored these nautical and compass inspired pendants. For fashionable camping... Or something.

Proving that classic style is eternally chic, vintage collector Lori Wyatt nicely dons a fitted tea-length sheath and smart fur trimmed jacket.

Personal style can be derived from far more than just clothing. This gal's hair preceded her- and we couldn't get enough it. Bravo as well to black tipped camel boots.

And kudos for the thought put into this outfit. Layering that top with this beautifully shaped dress, and those boots with those leather leggings, was not an obvious and safe choice...In conclusion; BEST STYLE of the evening.

Meet the lucky recipient of this jazzy Tibi number. Just in time for spicy holiday soirees or a New Year's ball. It's all fun and shimmer until some steps out looking like a christmas ornament. Please make sure to keep the rest of your ensemble simple, clean and chic when wearing this bright number.

Candy Shop Vintage proprietor Dierdre Zhal knows the impact of a statement accessory piece. In this case, pops of pink lined cuffs and a bold stripe clutch took this classic look from blase to beautiful.

Too much to love. First, cheers to a bold, blunt hair statement.

Moving on. Red lips sans other intruding makeup, the simple black-and-white decidedly paired with brown (yes, brown and black play wonderfully together), and the top that this gal designed herself make this a bold and smart outfit.

Don't worry, I'm getting to the chic on her left.

Select statement pieces, such as this bold necklace and metallic clutch, go a long way. Make sure to limit them to one or two per look, in most cases.
OK, Ms. Left. We fawned over this darling getup. Chunky black platform boots made us smile all swap long. Not to mention the leather leggings, a gorgeously textured sweater, and fur accessory dangling just so off of her I-didn't-try-at-all-to-get-this-look bag. You're not fooling anyone miss. Hot.

Continuing with statement pieces. These over-sized turquoise rings are to die for when worn with a naked ear and neck. While these can toe the line of a hippy look, flaunting one of these with a slim pant and sleek top will have you nowhere 1969.

This long, flowing silhouette was perfectly complemented with this girl's choice of wavy, loose hair, streamlined black hosiery and shoe. Flowy with fit works. Gold bangles, an over sized man's watch and bag added to the larger-than-life ensemble.
Leather leggings. Enough said.

Vintage accessories auctioned at the Swap. This one from Candy Shop Vintage. We admired the slightly Indian feel of this bohemian piece.

Designer Julie Wheat effortlessly combined her own vintage dress with modern eyewear by SEE. Loved the bold print, simple accessories and those well-shaped glasses. Honestly, ladies just wear them if you have them.

Sassy knit leopard mini dress by Yoanna Barashi, also auctioned to attendees.

The lady of the evening, Jess James. Jess divulged that, while she was at a vintage fair in London, this polka dotted frock was one of the "cheapest thing in the market". Once a long dowdy thing, James transformed the look. She had it cut short, added polka dot legwear, vintage jewelry, belt and feathered hair clip. Voila... chic. And that's how it's done.

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