Cocktail Frocks and Feathers

Charleston gets festive.
Tim Hussey's Opening at The City Gallery

On her, we love the simple and elegant aesthetic. The one shoulder cocktail dress fits well, and is neither too tight nor too loose. See the importance of fit? Off in either direction and her look wouldn't be nearly as lovely.

Also rather like the black on black on black of her look. The opaque black tights are great for warming up legs on frosty evenings, and are much more contemporary than donning a pair of hose (we are certainly not our mothers.)

The across the shoulder bag is nice as well, a good addition for an evening out.

Oh him, classic style never fails. He sports a well tailored button down and jeans, which works in so many settings. This fellow mixes things up a bit by tucking the jeans into his boots (nice touch sir).

This couple is simply fantastic.

Points for sporting something a little bit different to an art opening. On Ms. Right, we like the playing with more masculine details, including those great shoes. The fit of the pants could be a tad better, but's cold outside and sometimes you've just got to stay warm. Also like the casual wrapping of that lovely red scarf.

And we're going down...

On left, mixing patterns is often a really wonderful thing (as we see demonstrated). Neither pattern is too overwhelming, and by sticking to darker colors it works wonderfully for an updated cocktail look.

On right, we adore wearing tall boots on chilly nights but please make sure your colors compliment each other. A dark gray or even darker brown boot would have looked much better with this look.

This is not the run-of-the-mill Red Hat Lady's head adornment (we're not to fond of that look anyway). This is magnificent. She sports a sequin hat with a large black feather masterpiece on the side. Cheers to adding some excitement to a more mature ensemble. And...what's that? Winter white? Ah, yes. Younger generations, please take note!

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