CofC Student Cintra McGauley, owner and designer behind BelleTré shows a keen eye for style with her Coastal Inspired Creations that have Luxe Appeal

Cintra McGauley, is a rising senior at the College of Charleston and while she is completing her degree, she also models for various local shows and designers, helps plan events for Art for Charity and has somehow found time to start a jewelry business.

When we asked when in the world she had the time to accomplish all of this she responded, "I started making jewelry when I was 15, every year I learn more about the world of business and building a brand, so each year I have slowly expanded my line. In other words, this did not happen over night!"

Her line "Belle Trésor" is inspired by "the beautiful shores of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where she grew up, and the timeless antique treasures found in Charleston, South Carolina". She says, "My line's name is in french not to be 'trendy' or to fit some faux worldly appeal that is often found with lines in a different language. I actually spent a lot of my childhood in the Côte d'Azur, thus a lot of my inspiration is drawn from the beautiful seaside cliffs of the French Riviera".

Her travels must have helped with her keen eye for design and style. Check out some of her pieces below, for the full lookbook see Questions and custom orders,

-Peyton S,

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