The Craigslist killer has struck again – no not that Craigslist killer, the CEO and founder of, Mark Schwartz., a new and local Internet company, is growing at a rapid pace in the Lowcountry and the local media are taking notice. In fact, this morning Schwartz was featured on the popular morning radio show “Two Girls and a Guy” to speak about the services that offers.

The company, founded in June of this year, already receives 500 hits a day to its website, and often fills as many as 40 orders each day, fast becoming Charleston’s “go to” service company for everything from gutter cleaning to culinary instruction. Want Tango classes or Personal Fitness instructors that will come to your home? Tired of doing the laundry? Habla Espanol?  They have a Fox for that.

“, is a much safer alternative to Craigslist,” continued Schwartz, the 25-year-old College of Charleston Business School graduate. Anyone with a desire to become a Fox must go through a three-step interview process, and pass a background check. Also each Fox has a profile on the site with a picture, bio, credentials, and even customer reviews.

“Each of the Foxes is interviewed by me personally,” he emphasized. “We want to make sure that our Foxes are good, reliable people who you can trust to get the job done.”

During the interview, Schwartz spoke about’s desire to provide any service necessary for its clients, including adding services that are suggested by the clients.

“We had one woman who is an artist and needed someone to staple canvas to wooden frames for her, so we reached out to a couple of our Foxes who are art students and they got the job done,” said Schwartz. “Then there was another woman who needed just a ton of data entered into QuickBooks and so one of our Foxes who is an accountant was able to help out with that.”

While on the show Schwartz also mentioned the next step in the plan, the Deal Den.

Deal Den will be an online web store concept for local merchants in Charleston and will be up and running in a little over a month. According to the young entrepreneur, this is just another component of the plan, which also includes spreading to other cities in South Carolina and then going nationwide.

“We are a start-up and local business so we want to be able to help other start-ups and local businesses in any way that we can,” he added. Deal Den will help us accomplish that, the way helped to provide work for local people with different talents and skills, as well as it has provided leisure and the opportunity for new experiences to residents of Charleston.”




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