DuMore Improv Makes Business Fun Again

(Charleston, SC) A charismatic cluster of business people will get ‘intuit’ this fall, when DuMore Improv brings the power of laughter - and ingenuity - to Lowcountry businesses. Their goal is to help make work enjoyable, and it’s a formula that has worked for clients including Turner Broadcasting and Harvard Business School, among others. 

Atlanta based, DuMore’s improv team players have decades of real organizational experience, accompanied with years of performing improvisational comedy. Their unique brand of training has been boosting businesses’ sales and employee morale since 2005. This marks DuMore’s first expansion; facilitator Elizabeth Beasley will run the Mount Pleasant office.

Whether a company seeks an event to bolster team cohesion, a workshop to promote leadership potential, or training to inspire new communication skills and creativity, DuMore Improv can deliver. Customizable workshops cater to a company’s particular competencies and culture.

Why improv at work? Founder Allison Gilmore notes: “We focus on helping employees think lobally – to use both sides of their brain. By helping people connect to both their analytic and intuitive selves, we help companies connect to greater performance.”

DuMore’s philosophy is that honing skills like active listening, innovative thinking, risk taking and decision making  builds self-awareness and transforms the way participants perform in and out of the office.

For further information, contact DuMore Improv at elizabeth@dumoreimprov.com, or 404-421-5332.

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