With earphones on, teen on bike struck by garbage truck in North Charleston (update: thoughts)

Image by Flickr user zackzen

Update December 30, thoughts: 

The Post and Courier chatted about Tom Bradford of Charleston Moves about how common he sees folks practicing distracted bicycling by listening to music or texting, and the paper also gives Bradford space to ponder about how such things make an even strong case to give kids the bike infrastructure that would protect them. Read: bike lanes. 

Take a read of that ponder over here.

First reporting December 29:

The blame for this one seems to be settling on the 15-year-old, though it's not really clear how much the lack of peripheral hearing due to the earbuds contributed. 

The Post and Courier has a short but effective report on the incident; take a read here.

I see people listening to music with headphones and earbuds on bikes  quite often, or at least a lot more often than one would expect.

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