The Economics of BP's Oil Disaster

### DRAFT ###

I personally don't know much about the financial world; however, I do know that every smart investor who has made it big encourages that all investments should be governed by two things: that which we know, and that which we love.  As oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico, BP is $16 million a day on cleanup, etc.  In the first quarter of last year however, 

Local impact: sure you could stop buying oil from BP, but then you'd by it elsewhere... Look at other solutions such as alternative fuels, smaller footprints (buying local, etc.).  Not deciding to buy oil from one or another, but to question using oil in general.  Change in lifestyle habits.  All fossil fuel companies are regulated by the  same slackness...

The ultimate goal would be to decrease our dependency on systems outside ourselves... we can't control the oversight or lack thereof w/ the oil companies, but we can control the smaller footprints/systems we are directly a part of (i.e. chain between farmers market and farm, etc.).

Start: reporting/facts

Opinion: my own/get quotes from folks (LLF, Charleston Moves)


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