Engage The New Year Successfully!


A New Year is always a great time for trying out a "new you", so why not do the same when it come to your business or project?
Just as many of us tend to get a new hairstyle, plan new lifestyle changes, or a new outlook when the New Year arrives; your company’s image and marketing campaign can benefit from the same approach.
Take a look at how your customers have changed. Are they buying more from you or less than before? Are you attracting new customers regularly?
Take a look at how your competition has changed. Have your competitors become more successful than before? What are they doing differently?
This new year, consider revamping your business image with an updated website, marketing campaign, and refreshed logo. Check out the newest colors that are "in" right now, and the newest technologies that are out there.
While the economy is still recovering, budget-conscious consumers have honed in their bargain hunting skills. Since buyers have more price comparison ability now, work to attract them with great deals. Joining in with local coupon publications and apps can help.
Offer happy rewards for your returning customers and their referrals. It is important to be prepared to promote price reductions and discount incentives to keep those price checking shoppers coming back.
The marketing world is adapting to new technologies in 2012. While a marketer’s job is to attract customers, it can also be overwhelming to be the consumers. Think about the things you can offer that can make the consumers life easier, while also strengthening their relationship with your business or brand.

It is okay to announce on your television commercial that your website offers special deals. It is okay to produce text and e-mail campaigns. It is also okay to engage customers with social media and videos. 

Focus on gaining trust, loyalty, and repeat business from your customers without overwhelming them too much. Consider a target audience approach with an emphasis on loyalty discounts and offers.
Keep an open mind when considering new options for your marketing campaign. There are more affordable choices now than ever before. Placing locally-targeted ads in national publications can help you this New Year, just be sure to include a message that is relevant to your local area.
Check out your local bloggers and what they are writing about. If they cover topics that relate to your product or service, ask to advertise on their website. Even if a news publication or blog is out of your particular service area, check with the publisher, as they often will display your local advertising to visitors from your general area with tools such as Google AdSense.
Depending on the product or service you offer, you don’t want to miss out on attracting customers from around the world. The New Year opens with an expanded internet accessibility all over the globe. More people are online and using mobile technologies than ever before.
There are numerous website translation tools that can be implemented so that others speaking different languages can browse your site with a click of a button. Language translation tools are also readily available to many mobile device users as well. If you know what countries you are already attracting visitors from, you could design a marketing campaign tailored to their needs.

It’s never wrong to ask, “How may I help you?”
That simple sentence may seem so cliché by now, but say it - and mean it. It helps to prompt your customer to share valuable information with you.Customers who feel like they actually have someone who will listen to them feel empowered. This helps you obtain feedback that can be used to improve your product, service, or how to focus your next marketing campaign. Actively listening and engaging with your customer builds your overall credibility this New Year and for years to come.


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