Fashion Insights from Fashion Insiders : Katie Kern

What is your name and your involvement in the fashion industry?
Katie Kern, Founder of Circa PR, a fashion and retail PR firm. (photo to left by Ben Williams)

Which trend/ trends are you most excited about this upcoming season?
I am very excited to see that the wrap skirt (with a twist - knife pleats) is coming back for Spring. It's so easy to wear.

Is there a good way to incorporate the style/styles you mentioned in question two?
A great way to wear a wrap skirt is to keep your top simple. Just a t-shirt will do.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make regarding fashion and style?
I think the only fashion faux-pas is wearing something that does not fit. I think people can wear anything they want as long as it fits their body.

What must you have and can't live without?
I can't live without a pair of black tights, black mascara and a lip gloss.

What is your fashion motto or style guideline for yourself while shopping or deciding what to wear?
When shopping, I like to try and find independent designers that are not reproducing a lot of pieces. I also spend a lot of time in a dressing room or trying on things that fit my body. A good fit is so important!

Do you have fashion tips for our male readers?
Keep up with the trends and have some classic pieces in your wardrobe. I hate seeing a great looking man in something I know he wore in high school or college.

As someone in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to those who aspire to also work in the industry?
Stay true to yourself. I was always told that people in the fashion industry were cut throat and mean and will try and break you. If you run into those type of people, run. The fashion industry is filled with people who have a passion for what they do and overall good people. Mean people are just mean. Fashion has nothing to do with it.

What do you look for in accessories and shoes?
I have a weakness for accessories and shoes. Lately, I have been wearing a lot of vintage accessories. I just purchased a deco style necklace that I wear everyday. As for shoes, I am in love with L.A.M.B shoes by Gwen Stefani's. Her designs are so futuristic.

Who is your style icon?
My style icon is my mom. She was not afraid to wear bold colors and prints. She also rocked a 10-inch afro and a pair of skin tight bell bottom jeans in the 70s.

What are you wearing today?
Black tank from The Gap, tux pant in fatigue from Troubadour and pair of black suede Dolce Vita heels.

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