Free For All

I just so happened to find a boat load of good samaritans and free stuff under the bridge next to Recovery Room the other day.  Apparently there is a warehouse in North Charleston that houses donations for the Really Really Free Market that takes place every December 19th from 11-4.  Personally, I would really really love to see these things happen a little more than once a year.  Think of how much stuff you don’t want or need, how much stuff gets thrown out when the semester ends, and how many less fortunate people go without.  You never know who could use that Little House on the Prairie book that has been sitting on your shelf for the past sixteen years, or some gloves, hats, blankets, scarfs… especially this time of year.  One thing you do know is what they say– another man’s junk is another man’s treasure…

How can me get more Really, Really Free Markets in Charleston?  It benefits the homeless, the poor, those with a slight hoarding problem, and even passersby looking for a free meal.  Good stuff.

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