Raised in Charleston, SC, on a steady diet of indie rock and classic “brain band” fare, Future Trunks is bringing its art school sensibility to some serious venues around town. The band will headline Saturday, October 22 at Jimbo’s Rock Lounge with support from An Era of Echoes and Al Green’s Christmas Special.

Launched in late 2010, Future Trunks (http://www.facebook.com/futuretrunksmusic) is composed of  five School of the Arts juniors who share a love of shoegaze and Mexican food. Paying little mind to the area’s classic Southern rock heritage, Future Trunks is out to prove that the kids really are all right.

The band’s first performance at Awendaw Green was followed quickly by a summer spent nurturing new tunes at house parties, showcases and clubs throughout their hometown. Their first EP, Catholic School Demo, was self-released on Band Camp (futuretrunks.bandcamp.com) in July.

Band members are: Harrison Carr, vocals; Will Isaacson, bass, Dante Brown guitar, Maxwell Hudson synth and percussion, and Will Dodge on drums.  The band’s musical influences include Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Fleetwood Mac.

Future Trunks aims to be more than a high school garage band. They’ve already assembled a setlist of more than a dozen original songs, which they write and produce collectively. “We want audiences to really get into the songs in the live setting” says Will Dodge.

Armed with years of individual performing experience – each of the members has achieved regional recognition for their craft – the band’s professionalism belies their individual ages (collectively, they are 80!).  They’ve distinguished themselves early by writing a marketing plan, burning a stack of demos and drafting a list of venues they’d like to master before 2012.

Named for a Dragon Ball Z character whose secret weapon was a sword with a particularly powerful blade, Future Trunks’ gang of five aims to cut through  all obstacles and bring their music to even more happy ears.

Follow Future Trunks on Twitter @FutureTrunkxxx or for more information, email them at: futuretrunksmusic@gmail.com

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