Global SCVNGR search, thanks to Google Places API

 SCVNGR, an online service that is part social network, part game and part advertising platform, has expanded. Using Google's locations API, SCVNGR can be offering its services globally. A zombie virus is being spread by SCVNGR, but that is just one of the many services offered by the company. Article resource - SCVNGR goes global, unleashes zombie horde on companies by Personal Money Store


Locations and gaming along with SCVNGR

SCVNGR is a service that utilizes Android and iPhone devices for location-based games. Basically, you can check into various places, play games depending on where you are and earn points. The places you can go are listed on your smartphone. It's a “challenge” to complete each place. You end up earning points that can then be redeemed. Real things like deals are what you are able to get.

SCVNGR grows globally

Originally, SCVNGR required you to put within the place you are visiting manually. SCVNGR also worked only within the United States. Now you can check in and play anyplace within the globe. This is only because Google’s Places API and SCVNGR are now working together. The Google API addition helps so you don’t have to enter manually your location. It will update automatically.

SCVNGR now involves zombies also

SCVNGR advertised the new “social check in.” It did this with a Zombie group that was created. Just like the "Dexter" game at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, SCVNGR is used as the transmission medium for a game. In this one, 10 SCVNGR users are "infected," and they spread that infection each and every time they "bump" their phones with a friend. In short, the virus spreads just like a real-life infection might.

SCVNGR utilized in marketing

SCVNGR presents a new facet to business and social marketing that could prove really useful. By turning each and every visit to a business into a game, SCVNGR helps get customers looking forward to companies and keeps them interested and interactive. Just like "loyalty" cards and marketing stunts, SCVNGR offers a new way for companies to pull in customers. People with an Android or iPhone gadget can download the SCVNGR app and join within the fun.




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