Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! Out with the old, in with the new. This year is going to bring about a lot of positive changes—I am sure of it. One change I am making on this blog is that aside from this being a place where I show my photography, I am also going to start doing some writing here (that Journalism degree is just getting dusty without practice). I’ll try to keep you amused, entertained, and informed, but, it can be entirely possible that my writing skills have worn down to the point of being boring. Let’s hope that’s not the case and that the addition of some wording to this blog will indeed be counted among my positive changes of 2011. Now before I go getting all too prolific here in this very first post, let’s just get on with the image part.

There’s a new eatery opening soon in Charleston, the Patat Spot, (check out their website here) which will be serving Dutch fries (friet) with sauces, in addition to falafels, and…oliebollen! Needless to say, having been born in Holland and missing the access to Dutch food, I’m pretty dang excited about this place opening up. Mascha and I saw a tweet from @PatatSpot on New Year’s Day that they were making their first oliebollen, and anyone who was interested could drop by to try one. Off we went, and we were rewarded with this awesome bowl of sugar-dusted oliebollen. They didn’t last long.

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