HGTC culinary arts students patiently await approval of their new 38,000 square foot facility

photo by Parker Michael Knight

Just as hungry patrons await an open table at their favorite bistro, HGTC students await the finalization of their future $10,000,000 home of culinary creations with great anticipation.

The new facility houses classrooms designed around state-of-the-art kitchens, a bakery, labs, two restaurants, and a 60-seat demonstration amphitheater.  With 90 percent of HGTC's culinary arts program graduates moving onto jobs in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, the addition of this facility will make for even more success-driven, educated chefs to accommodate the restaurants of the Grand Strand.

The new culinary arts facility on HGTC's Grand Strand campus will potentially boost sales and revenue of the Grand Strand area's up and coming culinary scene.

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