"Joy to QuickFoxes.com!"


*One of our customers just gave us this great Christmas present! We are passing it on to you in the hopes that you will share it.

 “It was an absolute pleasure to use Quickfoxes.com to help me get ready for Christmas this year. First, a nice man took me in his pick-up truck to choose the tree and while I paid for it, he loaded into his truck. We got back to the house and he carried it carefully inside for me. Next, he decorated it while I directed him. I felt like I was directing my own work of art. He cleaned up all the needles that had fallen and we turned on the lights. Next, he strung the lights outside for me, on the trees and the house. It was beautiful!

Joy to the world! And Joy to Quickfoxes.com! They’ll be back after New Year’s when it’s time to put everything away and dispose of the tree. This is truly going to be a special holiday.


 Jane Slaughter

James Island, SC"


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