Literacy Alive

Literacy Alive - Giving people a chance and a future!

The brain reacts to growth/learning over time and is proven that a stimulated brain starting at an early age is an actual advantage. Literacy Alive makes this possible. Literacy Alive ( is just one of many programs offered by the Waccamaw Community Foundation (WCF). WCF seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents of this beautiful region by facilitating charitable giving and philanthropy, by creating a pool of permanent resources, of legacies that will last and will continue to grow our communities far into the future.

The Waccamaw Community Foundation was founded in 1999. Located in Murrells Inlet, this amazing organization serves thousands of people and in both Horry and Georgetown counties with donations given by businesses and individuals. They help to connect donors with different charities they care the most about. For example Waccamaw Community Foundation helps with education, arts and culture, community serves, homeless relief services and many more. Donations are made to Waccamaw Community Foundation in many different ways: check, cash, real estate, life insurance, scholarships and grants. Each donation is tax deductible to the donor. To learn more about the astonishing statistics and about the Literacy Alive program, visit their website at

The scholarship and grants donated to the Foundation is a huge asset to boost their Literacy Alive Program. To donate a scholarship fund, the Foundation has a $25,000 minimum to ensure a $1,250 scholarship to each eligible student. These funds are necessary to improve the poor literacy levels in students today. It allows them to continue their education and offer a brighter future. Since this foundation is not like others, by being so broad with who they help, they have more supporters and donors. Some donors establish a named fund for a certain purpose such as funding a scholarship for local students. A common practice is when you have endowed funds, family members create a scholarship in memory of the person who passed away. With the money and scholarships that the foundation raises enables people of every age to enjoy their academic opportunity. Visit if you are interested in applying for a scholarship or grant.

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