Local Restaurant Halo uses Kickstarter.com To fund new bar

Halo in downtown Charleston is using Kickstarter.com to
expand it's hours and get their bar up and running. For years the MUSC and downtown community have
been asking them to open their bar and open for dinner. After 2 years of building their business and getting
their feet firmly on the ground, Halo is ready. They need your help. With the funds from Kickstarter.com
Halo will get their licenses all worked out, renovate the bar, upgrade the decor, and fix the plumbing. All
to provide the community with a fun, safe, place to relax and enjoy an evening.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from October 17th until November 10th. Any pledge for the project is appreciated. Check out
Halocharleston.com or Kickstarter.com to see the whole story. Many great thank you rewards available for
your pledge. This is a chance to help a young small loval business grow and help deliver for the community.

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