Lowcountry Blues Bash Featured on New iPhone App


The Lowcountry Blues Bash will kick off this week all across the Charleston metropolitan area. Blues fans who are looking for a Lowcountry Blues Bash mobile schedule for their iPhones need only download FestiGoGo from the Apple iTunes App Store.

The Lowcountry Blues Bash is a twelve-day festival that takes place at more than 25 venues and hosts more than 50 blues artists. Planning this festival is a major undertaking that takes a great deal of effort and preparation. MacFriends, Inc., the makers of FestiGoGo, see it as their mission help festival organizers market their festivals by letting everyone in the country know about the Lowcountry Blues Bash, as well as every other music festival across the United States. MacFriends’ CEO, Richard Sarver said, “It is our hope that FestiGoGo will spark an interest in music festivals in general, and help promote all different types of music festivals.” More information about the Lowcountry Blues Bash can be found at http://www.bluesbash.com.

FestiGoGo can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. This app displays festival descriptions, festival dates, festival locations, and festival lineups, all at no cost. Users have an option to purchase certain festivals, such as the Lowcountry Blues Bash, for only $0.99 from within the app as an in-app purchase. With a festival in-app purchase, users get that festival’s complete schedule, detailed artist information, and the ability to create their own personal festival schedule. The fact that the Lowcountry Blues Bash takes place at multiple venues, with performances occurring simultaneously, makes FestiGoGo even more helpful for Lowcountry Blues Bash fans.

MacFriends, Inc. developed and recently released FestiGoGo which is specifically for U.S. music festivals. The purpose of the app is to provide a single source of current information about every music festival in the United States, and to use this information to help festival organizers market their festivals.

FestiGoGo launched on December 1, 2010, just in time to promote the 2011 music festival season. One of the first festivals to be included in FestiGoGo is Charleston’s own Lowcountry Blues Bash. Richard Sarver stated that he recognizes the Lowcountry Blues Bash as a virtual Mecca for blues artists and fans in the Southeast. Sarver went on to say, “We placed a high priority on making sure that Lowcountry Blues Bash is in FestiGoGo because we want everyone across the country to know that great music festivals are not exclusive to the West Coast.” Go to http://www.festigogo.com to learn more about FestiGoGo.

MacFriends, Inc. has been in business since 1993, providing business and productivity solutions to enterprises, small businesses and consumers that use Apple electronic hardware and software.

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