Methods of Meditation-Attaining Peace Within

192 Michaels Massage-Myrtle Beach Mobile MassageOver the years I have been drawn to many forms of meditation in an effort to calm and bring balance to mind and body. Meditation to me is not just simply sitting in a quiet place until some moment of Zen arrives, it can take many forms ranging from an exercise regimen to walks on the beach, from scrying into a candle and mirror, to cooking a gourmet meal for myself.
Incense,in its many forms can be a great aid in meditation during quiet times alone. I prefer actual gum resin incense imported from the middle east and Somalia, as the best myrrh and frankincense comes from these regions.
The resins are placed on small circular charcoal discs that normally burn for two hours on average, and placed in a well ventilated area of your surroundings.These resins are actually aged sap from various trees, frankincense resin belonging to the Boswella tree, and myrrh belonging to the Commiphora myrrha tree.
There are only two other incense that I prefer to use, one being the well known Nag Champa incense. Nag Champa incense contains a great amount of sandalwood combined with a resin called Halmaddi, which does in fact have some psychoactive properties, possibly explaining why this incense is so powerful when relaxing and meditating while burning it.
The other incense I prefer is actually a little known secret, I no longer see it available anywhere except from their website,but I imagine the higher cost of this incense would make it scarce in most retail places.
The company Eye Of The Day crafts an incredible line of incense, with an incredible cost in comparison to other incense. I have ordered incense from this company a few times, and whether you buy 1 pack of  incense for 5$,or 3 packs of incense sticks for 15$,they charge 5$ shipping for each pack of incense ordered,although they all will come in one small box. I have emailed the company and asked about this ridiculous and unethical shipping practice, with a take it or leave it response from them. So I’ll leave it.
Another form of meditation I found was through the art of drumming, with groups of people creating drum circles. I played the drums for several years,so it is natural for me to be able to let go, to give off and recieve great energy from the group.Even if you are a beginner in drumming, you can get an affordable bongo or hand drum from a local thrift store or pawn broker and just look in your local city mag for events that may include some active drum circle groups.Drum circles are a great way to release stress, to become part of community,and to meditate while merging into the drum trance and energy that is created.
I am fortunate enough to live just a few blocks from the ocean here in Myrtle Beach, and I find a great place for meditation is simply walking on the beach for an hour or two. I’d like to add the beach here may not be the greatest place for getting your Zen on in mid summer, but for now during the winter months, there are some days when I can go for a walk with the ocean and not see a soul on the sand.
I will revise this blog in the future and discuss many other forms of meditation and relaxation, some I have picked up along the way, some I am professionally trained in and practice on my Massage clients

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