Napa Valley Part 1: Wine Country

I can’t stop thinking about Napa Valley and how much fun it was.  Back in March, I was helping Julie Wheat with her Cavortress fashion show when I won a trip to Napa for a Live in the Vineyard.  Earlier that day I had entered to win the trip online, was announced the winner after the fashion show and before I knew it, me and my best friend were meeting up in San Francisco and headed out to wine country.

You can see video from the event where I won the trip here and the Cavortress (she’s St Louis Fashion week-bound now!!) fashion show here.

This video is us touring through wine country by day (Part 2 is some of the salvaged Napa night life- most of it got lost some how).  Still three hours behind on Eastern time, we woke up early to explore on our own.  Live in the Vineyard has a complete itinerary for us the entire weekend.  The next day we dipped out on our set schedule and headed over to visit our friend Neil at Regusci Winery instead.

After editing this footage, I am headed out to Edisto Island for a good time with friends- my bottle of Regusci in hand.  In the words of Neil “if your pissed off, drink vodka.”

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