Nappy Roots Interview

By: Matt Bailey

I had the pleasure of speaking with Buffalo Stille from Nappy Roots who will be performing at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC on August 13th, 2010.

CNL: What are you alls songs about/based on?

BS: Our songs are based on real life, and real events that have happened.

CNL: Does Nappy Roots write their own songs?

BS: Yes, all of the members of Nappy Roots write their own material.

CNL: Who are your musical influences?

BS: Some of my personal musical influences are James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Big Daddy Cane, Eric B, and Lords of the Undergrounds among many more.

CNL: How did Nappy Roots get started?

BS: We were all attending Western Kentucky University at the same time and were all the “top dogs” in class and we sort of formed our own group and that eventually turned into Nappy Roots.

CNL: How did the band get its name?

BS: It was something...

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