Nine Socatee High Students arrested in concession stand burglary



Nine Socastee High students have been arrested in connection to a baseball court concessions stand burglary in Market Common.

Three adults and six juveniles have been arrested and charged  in connection to a robery that occured sometime between 9 p.m. on Sept. 23 and 9 a.m. September 25th at a basketball court concessions stand which is located at 268 Forbus Ct. which is loacted between baseball fields five and six, near the running track in the Market Common. Of those arrested six juveniles whose names aren't being released becasuse of there age and  3 adults who are identified as Christopher Williams, Patrick Doran and Samuel Hodges which have all been charged with second degree burglary in connection with the burglary..

The nine students took $636 worth of items and in caused $750 in damage to the stand according to police. When employees arrivedthe following morning they found the door of the concession stand covered in smudge marks of dirt that were located just below the locks and the door also appeared to be "kicked-in" according police. It was also noted that the 9 had used mud and dirt to cover shoe prints and that the bolts on the doore were danaged from being forced open.

Police note that it appeared the suspects used mud and dirt to cover shoe or boot prints and both bolts on the door were damaged from being forced open. has a short articles about the incident which you can read here, but if you want a more detailed article that includes a video package headover to this article done by WMBF News.




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