North Charleston Arts Festival Judged Fine Art & Photography Competition Winners Announced

Fine artists and amateur and professional photographers from across the state were invited to participate in the 2012 Judged Fine Art and Judged Photography Competitions & Exhibitions, presented annually as a component of the North Charleston Arts Festival.  A total of 207 fine art entries were accepted in the categories of oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing/pastel, and 2D mixed media.  Cash awards totaling $3,250 were made at the sole discretion of the juror, Kimberly H. Spears, Executive Director of the Anderson County Arts Council. After making her selections, Ms. Spears stated, “There was a diverse selection with numerous levels of expertise to consider. My intent as I chose the award winners was to provide balance between technical skill, composition, and execution.” She continued, “Several pieces had the power to draw the viewer in and communicate well. Ultimately those are the pieces that I gravitated to over and over.”

A total of 231 entries were accepted in photography, which were split into the divisions of Professional and Amateur and categorized as color or monochrome.  Cash awards totaling $1,450 were awarded by a panel of three judges using the Photographic Society of America Print Guidelines.  Each judge evaluated entries as a whole, considering the areas of impact, composition, and technique. 

In addition to awards given by the jurors, three pieces were selected for City of North Charleston Purchase Awards. These pieces will be added to the City of North Charleston Permanent Public Art Collection, which is on display throughout North Charleston City Hall throughout most of the year.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Best of Show – Fine Art
Thirsty Let Him Come to Me, John 7: 37-38 (Oil) by Shelia Thompson (Charleston, SC)

1st Place – Banjo Man by Kate Barton (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Lost in the Snow by Veronique Aniel (Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – 5pm, Sedgwick, Maine  by Veronique Aniel (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - By the Dock of the Bay by Nizar  (Hollywood, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Lowcountry Farm Cookout by Gayle Gilford (Isle of Palms, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Cypress by William Davies (Hanahan, SC)

1st Place – Viennese Flower Market by Nancy Davidson (Mt Pleasant, SC)
2nd Place – Red Tear  by Peter Scala (North Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – “C” Bulldog by Sherri Bardsley (Summerville, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Afternoon Snack by J. Carol Gardner (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Jonathan by Ben Halpenn (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Lowcountry by Faye Sullivan (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

1st Place – Second Glance by Bob Graham (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
2nd Place – Patrick & Dan by Daryl Armstrong (North Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Angel Oak by Willis Sanders (Summerville, SC)
Hon. Mention – Tangled Up Inside by Blaine Tailer-Kimball Dixon (Folly Beach, SC)
Hon. Mention – Autumn Low Tide by Mary Brigman (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Hon. Mention – Rapids by Mary Brigman (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

1st Place – Lake Superior Tug by Dorothy Shromoff (Hanahan, SC)
2nd Place – Little Girl with Braids by Bob Graham (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
3rd Place – Folly Shadows by Charles Parnelle (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Bowens Island by Don Roberts (Hanahan, SC)
Hon. Mention – Slow Road by Dorothy Rogers (North Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Cooped Up II by Linda L. Lawrence (Summerville, SC) 

2D Mixed Media
1st Place – Swamp Life by Lara Neece (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – I See the Moon by Linda Wasielewski (Isle of Palms, SC)
3rd Place – Lorettos Madonna by J. Carol Gardner (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Cold Nights by Denise L. Greer (Rembert, SC)
Hon. Mention – The Beginning by J. Carol Gardner (Charleton, SC)
Hon. Mention  - Gotta Dance by Denise L. Greer (Rembert, SC) 

Professional Photography - Color
1st Place – Early Morning in Cypress Gardens by Vanessa Kauffman (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Noisette Rising by Donnie Smith (Moncks Corner, SC)
3rd Place – Owl Eyes by Ken Aikin (North Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention – A Lost Soul Fog by Nese O. Zinn (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention – An Unusual Hat by Nese O. Zinn (Charleston, SC)

Professional Photography - Monochrome
1st Place – Ancient Oak in Morning Fog by Vanessa Kauffman (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Seaside Island Lane by Vanessa Kauffman (Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Wooden Indian Head by Doug DeLong (North Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention – Irene’s Fury by Vanessa Kauffman (Charleston, SC)
Hon. Mention – Sweet Cucumber Pickles by Peter Ingrasselino (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Amateur Photography - Color
1st Place – Sails and Cityscape by Andrew Reilly (Goose Creek, SC)
2nd Place – Bosnia Peasant by Douglas Fraze (Ladson, SC)
3rd Place – Reflections by Bill Bardsley (Summerville, SC)
Hon. Mention – Dreaming Tree by Kelly Scott (Goose Creek, SC)
Hon. Mention – West Mitten Butte by Raymond C. Murray (Charleston, SC)

Amateur Photography - Monochrome
1st Place – London Bridge, Bryce by Douglas Fraze (Ladson, SC)
2nd Place – Church Courtyard by Fred Filippo (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
3rd Place – My Heavy Load by Andrew Reilly (Goose Creek, SC)
Hon. Mention – The King by Jim Miller (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Hon. Mention – Flower and Bud by Andrew Reilly (Goose Creek, SC)

 City of North Charleston Purchase Award
Thirsty Let Him Come to Me, John 7: 37-38 (Oil) by Shelia Thompson (Charleston, SC)
Attention to Detail (Acrylic) by Lara Neece (Charleston, SC)
Let’s Dance (Oil) by Ginny Versteegen (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

For more information about the annual North Charleston Arts Festival and additional exhibition opportunities, contact the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department at 843-740-5854, email, or visit the Cultural Arts section of the City’s website at

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