One thing I'm Proud to admit and one thing I'm not

I'm sitting cross-legged in bed right now (about to take off my Cavortress romper and cardigan) munching on chocolate covered pretzels. That part I am not necessarily proud of.

What I am proud of is this next part: after seeing me walk for Mamie Ruth and MEW tonight, Mychael Knight requested I attend his casting tomorrow afternoon.
If you ever want a testament that I do indeed get giddy over certain things, ask Ayoka Lucas about my reaction when she told me.

So, tomorrow it all starts. 

  • 10 a.m. fitting for Seeking Indigo.
  • Noon fitting for Uriel Zamora (for which I am an alternate, unless he is just so blow away that he puts me in. Ahem. No hints intended, Uriel. Cough. Cough. But really...)
  • 2:30pm casting for Mychael Knight
  • Final rehearsal from 5 until 9pm.

And between all that, a full time job. Let me end on a cliche and say, “Make it work."

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